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Eureka Effects started with a small, determined, and truly kind team, which came together with a like-minded mission, and one single goal...To Help Others.

CBD Hemp Farm

All of our products are made out of the best ingredients. We never cut corners or jeopardize quality to save money. We strive to make people healthier with sustainable business ingredients to give back to Mankind and to Mother Earth. We source our organic Hemp locally, process instate, and manufacture all of our CBD products in a clean room here in Colorado. The process of tracking everything from seed to sale helps insure legality, consistency, and quality.

The farms that we source our organic hemp flower from are located all throughout Colorado and produce all of our hemp legally under Colorado law. We have begun special selection of different hemp strains that maximize our products full spectrum CBD effect as well as a variety of Terpene profiles.

Our Premium Hemp Extracts are made from organic Hemp grown legally grown here in Colorado, USA and extracted using organic cane alcohol. Once it is processed into premium oil, it is filtered with a pharmaceutical grade process and purged to insure a clean and solvent-less hemp extract.

CBD Pills Capsules Plant Based Vegan Organic

We expertly infuse our Premium Hemp Extracts into an array of Hemp products, guaranteeing you a consistent dose every time you order. All of our products are lab tested for potency, and cleanliness to maintain the highest quality and consistency with each batch.


Eureka Effects combines years of experience with innovative ideas, to make the best possible product for you, and to start a healing movement. Thank you for joining our Eureka Family; we hope our products of love can help you, and the ones you love!

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