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Important Questions About CBD For Your Pets

Two of the most important questions asked by pet owners giving CBD to their pets for the first time:

1) How much do I give my pet?

There have been multiple studies done testing the proper dose of CBD to give to both cats and dogs. If you plan on using a CBD Pet Tincture as a daily food additive for preventative healthcare, then we suggest 1 Dropper Full Daily (3mg of CBD) for Dogs and Half of A Dropper Full (1.5mg of CBD) for cats. If your pet is in an end-of-life care scenario or in extreme amount of pain, then a higher dose is suggested.

For a higher dose CBD product that is safe for your pet, we recommend our Eureka CBD Tincture. Your cat can take up to 30.5mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight each day (based on PubMed study referenced below). We recommend a lower dose to start of 1-2 Full Dropper-Fulls of our Eureka CBD Tincture (15-30mg of CBD) each day. As for your canine companions, we suggest 2-4 Full Dropper Fulls of Eureka CBD Tincture (30mg-60mg of CBD) each day. Starting at a lower amount of CBD with your pet and working your way up based on your pet’s individual needs is the best way to treat your pet in their time of need.

For more information on maximum CBD dose for a cat, checkout this study:

In this study, they administered 50mg of CBD per day for dogs with osteoarthritis pain and had no sign of “detrimental impact” to the dog’s health:

(One of our most loyal canine customers, Cubone excited for his daily CBD)

2) What is the best way to give my pet CBD?

There are a variety of solutions to give your cat or dog their CBD. If your pet likes the taste, like all four of my dogs do, then you can give CBD to them directly from the dropper in the bottle. If they are a little more stubborn to the taste directly, as most cats can be including ours, then mixing it directly into their daily food is another great way to give them CBD. Of course, covering a favorite treat always works as well!


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