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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Right now COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has drastically changed the way we live our day to day lives, including things normally overlooked, such as having vital supplies during this difficult time. We want to let you, our supporters, know that we will continue to supply all of our CBD products with some added safety measures (in accordance with CDC guidelines) and we will also be directly helping those in most dire need.

Normally all of products are produced in a sterile environment to insure clean products for our customers. This includes filtered/sterile air through both carbon filtration and ionization processes. Also, our production team always wears sterile gloves, clean suits, hair nets, and face masks in the making of our products.

We will be keeping these sterile processes in place, and have also implemented temperature checks for all employees before, during, and after shifts to insure our CBD products remain clean and our Eureka Team remain healthy. All employees that have had a high temperature during these routine checks have been sent home to recover with full pay, free testing, and family support from our entire Eureka Team including executive staff.

As well as newly implemented temperature checks, we are now packaging all orders with gloves and masks to insure that when you receive your orders, the bottles and packaging will be sterile as well.

Thirdly, at the beginning of March, we began to stock up over three months of additional product inventory to insure that our patients will continue to have access to the products they need.

Currently the elderly population, those with immune disorders, respiratory issues, as well as many other medical conditions are at an increased risk to COVID-19. For this reason, we will be supplying those patients in need with free CBD products during this national and worldwide crisis. If you, or someone you know is in extreme need for our CBD products, and is having a hard time accessing or affording vital supplies during this time, please reach out to me directly at

There are some basic qualifications we will need from you such as proof of identification, shipping address, and description/proof of age or illness. This way we can make sure to help those that need it the most during this COVID-19 crisis.

Please stay home as much as possible, help those that need it the most such as the elderly and sick, and stay safe during these times of uncertainty. If you need to purchase our products, we suggest doing it directly through the Eureka Effects Website ( so that you can get the cleanest and safest CBD products possible.

Hopefully you are staying safe and we will continue to do the same as well until all is better. I also would like to personally thank you for all your support!


Jason L. Knox

Chief Executive Officer

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