Dragona Americana is Eureka Effects' first recreational hemp product. There are two, hand crafted, quality hemp cigars in each pack that have been made with the finest indoor grown hemp flower that is rolled in a King Palm wrap (made from natural Cordia leaves that contain NO Tobacco). Once the Dragona Americanas have been hand rolled, they are then aged in a cognac infused oak humidor until a rich flavor profile has been achieved and the proper humidity levels has been balanced, just like it is done with the finest tobacco used in cigars. 


The indoor grown, organic hemp flower we use is the same flower that is used making all of our award winning CBD products. In its raw flower state, it containsless than the legal limit of 0.3%THC. All our hemp is lab tested and certified legal by the state of California and the Ferderal Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 passed in the United States of America.



    - 2 Organic Hemp Cigars 

    - Natural Terpenes

    - King Palm Wrap (Cordia Leaf)



Our CBD products are made with natural ingredients such as organic hemp that we grow and process right here in the USA to provide the highest quality products to you while focusing on the impact we have on our environment. At Eureka Effects, we believe simply natural is always best for you and our planet!

CBD Lavender
Hemp Farm



From our hemp farm to your hands, Empower Salve has the highest dose of Full Spectrum CBD oil to help bring you the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

CBD Salve
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At Eureka Effects, our team believes in the healing powers of hemp through naturally extracted CBD oil. By focusing on what is sustainably available in nature and creating products designed to help our bodies, we hope to bring natural health to you while keeping our forests green and our rivers clean. A carbon neutral approach is something we pride ourselves in trying to achieve while bringing the highest quality CBD products to market.